​​​We offer short and long term boarding for when you are away,and day care services while you are at work!  Rest easy knowing your pet is safe and sound with us! We have indoor and outdoor kennels, for added space for each dog! 

​We treat your pet like our own here and make every effort to ensure your pet is comfortable and has lots of fun while you are away.

We are open 7 days a week, excluding major holidays, and pick up and drop off can be at your convenience anytime during business hours.
Our state-of-the-art facility has the following features:

Air Conditioning
Comfortable Beds at Night
Large Indoor Runs
Large Outdoor Play Yard
Radiant Heat

If your pet is on a special diet feel free to bring the food along, we will feed your food at no extra charge. Additionally, we never charge extra to administer medication to your pet.
Your pet will be fed once or twice a day based on your usual feeding schedule and always has fresh water. Food and water dishes are provided.

You are allowed to bring two items with your pet if you wish; toys or treats.

Vet Proof of yearly shots required;
Dogs: DHL, Parvo, Parainfluenza and Rabies.
Suggested but not required, Bordetella.
Cats: Distemper, Calici, Rhinotracheitis and Rabies.
Boarding extras
Playtime - 15 minutes in our outdoor play yard with one of our dog-loving employees, for one on one playing (fetch, catch or tag).
Love Pats - 10 minutes of one on one petting or brushing in their run.

Special dinners (people food) are offered for pets that will be staying with us over major holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

Grooming - full grooming, kennel bath, nail trim, brush out, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, etc. 
Boarding rates are charged by the night. You are not charged for your check out day.

Dogs $20.00

Cats $20.00
Birds $10.00
Playtime $4.00
Love pats $FREE

​​Proof of updated vaccinations must be provided before your pet is to be boarded with the following:

Distemper,Rabies,Parvovirus,Bordetella,Intestinal Parasites. 

Pet Boarding and Day Care services