Because dogs do not go through life uninjured or disease free, here are some situations that might warrant the use of canine C.P.R: 

  • Heart Disease
  • Post Seizure (epilepsy)
  • Hit by a car or foreign object
  • Dogs (especially puppies) swallow something that blocks the airway
  • Bloat
  • During whelping (if bitch's heart stops while giving birth)
  • After a dog fight

The Academy offers a "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation" (C.P.R.) course for animals. This course will be open for the students of the Academy, persons in the pet industry (Groomers, Pet Shop Staff, Kennel Owners & Staff, Professional Trainers, Handlers, Breeders and Pet Sitters) and to any one of the general public that wishes to learn how to possibly save an animal's life. Our CPR Program will buy time for an animal in cardiopulmonary distress or arrest until it can be seen by a Veterinarian. Class size is limited on a registration basis. Class time will run approximately 2 hours.

In our C.P.R. session a licensed C.P.R. Trainer will instruct class with a dog mannequin.  Mannequin simulates and registers actual reading of a "real dog" in distress.  Upon completion and passing of the course, you will receive a C.P.R. certificate. This course is also offered to the general public.

  • learn how to begin respiration and administer external cardiac massage 
  • learn how to verify "cardiac arrest" 
  • learn how to correctly take a pulse 
  • learn how & when to compress large and small dogs or cats 
  • learn individual and "team resuscitation" for grooming shops, pet shops, kennels, or for your own pet